Accelerating the Corporate Energy Transition


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Our Mission

We unite sustainability and energy executives across the globe to navigate and de-risk the role of corporations in the energy transition so that we can:

Successfully execute corporate clean energy projects
     Advance initiatives in energy efficiency, decarbonisation, clean electricity, heat and mobility
     Benefit from a support network to share questions, best practice and meet future project partners
     Accelerate the energy transition in a cost-effective scalable way and ultimately combat climate change.




Corporate Energy Leaders

was conceived in 2019 off the back of our Corporate Energy Series conferences. After helping over 50 corporations such as Coca Cola, IKEA and Google across three continents navigate the complex landscape of renewable energy procurement, it was clear the industry needed a place to connect and collaborate. 

The network is structured with a 10 year purpose, a yearly calendar of valuable online conferences, monthly themes, weekly content and daily engagements. Energy and sustainability executives can develop their businesses and careers through building a support network of trusted relationships, learning, personal development and industry resources to accelerate the corporate energy transition.


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“We've launched the Corporate Energy Leaders platform as an online community that will enable corporates and energy executives to connect, develop, share and learn. The most effective way to accelerate the global corporate energy transition is through the people within - our knowledge will drive our goal to 100% renewable and accelerate the rapid, deep decarbonisation required to stabilise our shared climate.”

CEO, Green Power Global